Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Ceramic Cat Lamp!

For once I am writing my entry at the end of a day instead of in the wee hours of the beginning of a new day! Good for me. That is because instead of working on my web site like I have been doing for the past three nights, Adam and I went out! My dad's band, Dogtown, played at The Blue Gator tonight. It was really fun. My friend Emily sings for them and she's great. I'm exhausted though. Okay so I won the thing I was bidding for on Ebay, and now I'm embarrassed to tell what it is, because I paid TOO MUCH for it!. It's a ceramic cat lamp from the 50's, and the eyes glow. It's REALLY rad, but I probably paid too much for it. I'm embarrassed to say how much... It's so cool though! There's this little bar in Columbus named Betty's, and I went there for the first time a little over a month ago, when I went to see Ben Folds with Summer. That was also the first day I had ever seen my kitties — I stopped by the vet's to see them on our way to Columbus. So Summer had to endure me the entire ride up going "I think I want them I think I'm gonna get them what should I name them do you love them *i* love them I think i'm going to get them" ANYWAY, so I was trying to decide if I should get cats, and it was time for dinner.

There are about a million tiny restauraunts and bars on High Street in Columbus, and we see this place called "Betty's." My favorite cat in the WORLD who died about four years ago's name was Betty, so since I was in the cat mood, I said "Let's go there!" and guess what!!?? There were a bunch of cat statues!!! Betty's is decorated all funky — kind of like your grandma's house, but also with cool pictures of retro pinup girls and funky ceramic statues and stuff. Anyway, I didn't pay that much attention to the statues. Then, this past weekend when we went for my cousin Nora's art show, we decided to stop there for a drink first. The weirdest thing of ALL was that Nora was there!!!! Eating dinner with her boyfriend! Small world. Anyway, we got seats at the bar and I sat right in front of the coolest lamp I've ever seen. A ceramic lamp of two Siamese cats, and their eyes glow! They glow any color depending on what color bulb you screw in!!! And they had a green bulb in, so the eyes were glowing flourescent green and I declared right then and there that I would have a lamp like that no matter what it took.

I figured I would try Ebay. And sure enough, I found one. It is EXACTLY like the one at Betty's. And since I feel like I have a connection to this lamp, I feel like deserve it more than anyone else who's bidding on it. So I suppose I should stick in a picture of this lamp. Ok. Now there's a picture. So anyway, I love this lamp. And my problem with Ebay is that, once I'm bidding on something, I become really possessive, and I MUST GET THE THING or else. Or ELSE!!! So I spend too much money. When I declared that night at Betty's that the lamp would be mine, I said I would probably be willing to spend X amount of dollars on it. Well, I spent about exactly TWICE as much as I said I would. But oh well. It's mine now. And it'll look great in my kitchen with the new table!!! YAYAYAYYYY! I'm going to buy a red light bulb, a blue one, a green one, an orange one, and a black light!!! And change them all the time! I'd better end this before I get TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

I have to quit staying UP so late on work nights! I got carried away with another big web redesign, adding little mini menus to the top tier of every section of my web site. whew. Plus I didn't get started til late. Tonight Summer and I went to aerobics again, our favorite teacher Kara was teaching. I feel like I got beaten up. My abs are KILLING me! If I stand all the way straight up, they feel like they're going to rip! Owwwww! Anyway, I was starving when I got home, and my mom had called to say she had leftovers!! I'm lucky to live in the same town as my parents, especially since they're fantastic cooks! So I went over there and had a pork chop, some garlic mashed potatoes, and limas 'n' corn. Then Adam and I had to swing by my sister's to pick up the table. YAY! I love that table. I'll try to get a picture of it up soon. My kitchen is almost complete. I'm just waiting for the thing I'm bidding on at Ebay. I'm keeping it a secret until I either get it or I don't, because I don't want anyone else to go try and buy it. Yep, I'm being sneaky and selfish. Although, I doubt many people would want this as badly as I do. Except for that damn person who keeps bidding on it. I hope hope hope that I win it! Well I'll stop talking about it. I'll find out sometime tomorrow evening. Then I'll tell what it is...

In other news, tonight was the season premiere of Real World Chicago. YEAH! Yes, I will admit. I love The Real World. From the previews and commercials, I would've guessed that I would hate the new cast. But so far, they're okay! I can't think of any more news, plus I'd better get to bed or I won't be worth much tomorrow at work. I just hope everything I added to the web site works, I'm kind of tired and out of it. We'll see!

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