Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Orangek8's Buttkicking Champions

Not a bad Monday! I got to work on the design for the conference web site at work, which was pretty fun. Then Adam set up my parent's old NordicTrak in the basement for me! I'm going to try to start working out on the NordicTrak. It's right in front of a TV, so I won't get bored! Sounds promising! Probably the most exciting event of the evening (other than my mom making a turkey dinner and sending us leftovers — score!!) was the kickoff of the Real World/Road Rules Fantasy Challenge. I make no apologies, I am not ashamed that I am playing. In fact, my team —orangek8's buttkicking champions — is going to kick the competition outta the WATER! (About 15 of my friends are also playing, we get to check each others' scores online. NERDS!!!) Summer and Julie came over to watch the action.

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