Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blast From the Past

Every once in awhile, Mom will scan some pictures from our old photo albums and email them to me. Those are my FAVORITE days! Here are the gems she sent me last night!

Halloween! This was when I was still a Patch Kid. I was a little bat with a patch. Meredith was a nerd. I'm not sure what her friend was going as.

My family loved to go hunting for morels. Look at how many morels I found!

Dying easter eggs!

Mom made me this full skirt. I loved to twirl around in it!

I was a gypsy for Halloween this year.

At that age, I fit perfectly on the porch swing. I was the exact length of the swing! I wish I still had those velcro leopard shoes. Those were the BEST. They even left leopard prints in the dust when you walked.

I remember this vacation. I was SO SICK! I had a fever. It sucked because I wanted to have fun.

Middle school? I'm not sure I remember what is going on here or whose hand that is.

Ah, second grade. This photo is my FAVORITE. That is me and Jason in the front row. I am third from the left, and he is fourth. WHY IS HE MAKING THAT FACE!?!?!?

CLOSEUP! Jason!!! Why?!??!?! Hahahah!! And look at how SERIOUS I am.

I was probably looking so serious because I seriously hated second grade and I SERIOUSLY hated Mrs. Saunders. She was so mean. What a mean, mean teacher. LOOK AT HOW MEAN AND SCARY:

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