Saturday, July 07, 2007

Congratulations, Leighanna & Ryan!

On today, the lucky day of 07/07/07, we gathered in Detroit, Michigan to celebrate the marriage of Leighanna and Ryan! It was an amazing wedding. The weather was beautiful, everything was lovely, the cake was delicious, the dance floor was incredible, they had free flip flops, and Oberon on tap! Also, a swing to swing on! It was seriously an amazing day on which we celebrated an amazing couple. CHEERS to Leighanna and Ryan

Click here for photos.

UPDATE: There was a swing set up in the backyard, and Ben and I went for a swing. The wedding photographer was like "OOH can I get your picture? I've been WAITING for someone to get in that swing!" So we knew this was coming, from the wedding photographer. WINK!!:

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