Friday, July 20, 2007

Brew Week, Part Duex

Summer and I headed uptown tonight to sample some more of the brews on tap for Brew Week. We started with Columbus Brewing Company's Apricot Ale, at Courtside. YUM!!

We were sitting on the patio, and Thriller came on! Summer is in the process of eventually learning the whole dance. Look at her GO!

Then we headed to Skipper's. Although it was time to pause for a Stroh's, we got some Angry Gorilla Hefeweizens. I know I already have tasted this beer, but I LOVE it so I wanted some more!

Mmm it is SO delicious and it is my FAVORITE!

Tom and Summer being models? Tom had a bunch of beer samples.

Next up, we headed to the Pigskin to try Willoughby Brewing Company's Rapier Wit!

Suzanne is a big fan of Willoughby Brewing Company! They are near her hometown! We loved our Rapier Wits.

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