Sunday, July 01, 2007


I am lucky enough to have access to a friend's pool for the entire summer. POOL PASS! Today, Ben, Suzanne, Gina and I spent the afternoon there!



Ben kept setting up obstacles to run and jump onto. Raft on raft!


He connects!

Ben and Gina decided to run in and do a cannonball together. However, Gina's form was not at ALL related to a cannonball! Hahah! She looks like when cartoon characters run off a cliff and do not realize they went over the edge until they're already over and still running:

She still made a good splash, though!

They did a second attempt, and this time Gina nailed it. So did Ben. LOOK at his FORM!


Look at those splashes!

We decided to have a celebration of life that afternoon. Some fancy Lambic, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, grapes, and euchre!

Happy Summertime!

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