Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Food

Mer invited me over this morning for a frittata made up of Thanksgiving leftovers! YUM:

With some potatoes and toast! Delicious.

Also, one of her famous cappucinos!

Later that night, she had a bunch of people over for burgers. These weren't just any burgers though. These were YASU'S burgers. These were burgers like I had heard people talk about. People that talk about "the best burger" or whatnot. Athens doesn't really have a place with a PHENOMENAL burger, and whenever I go to cities, I don't usually go out for burgers.

Now I understand. These burgers were PHENOMENAL.

Mmm, brushing butter on the buns. BRUSH IT!

Ready to go!

Lining up!

Get some, Joey!

The line.


Cross section.

After burgers, we went to Casa! Joey and Christina:

Michelle had a bloody mary.

Renee had never had an Irish Car Bomb before! So of course we had to do one!

Go go go!

Joey wins!!! I am a close second.

I love watching the aftermath of a round of Irish Car Bombs. I must have really loved that one, judging from the way I'm licking my lips and patting my belly. Aw, Renee is still going!!


High fives! Go team!

Next up, a round of unicorn pegasuses. Brooke!


Marco! He wanted to get his on his leg so he could be like his BFF Aaron.


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