Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanskgiving 2008!

Every three years, Mer's friends from out West come to Athens to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year was the year, which always means a FUN Thanksgiving!

Yasu is a chef in San Francisco, and this year he and Renee masterminded a FANCY Thanksgiving menu! I've never had such a fancy Thanksgiving in my life. Everything was DELICIOUS.

Here is the complete menu:

*Thanksgiving 2008*

Roasted turkey with aromatic gravy
--brined turkey with mixed herb rub
--carrots, onion and celery with turkey drippings

Sweet/savory crusty bread stuffing
--crusty bread, sausage, fennel and currants

Brown sugar crusted brussels sprouts with bacon
--Brussels sprouts, brown sugar, bacon and rosemary

Grilled pork tenderloin with shiitake cream sauce
--pork loin, shiitakes, cilantro and cream

Roasted beet salad with warm goat cheese over arugula and endive
--beets, arugula, and endive
--goat cheese, parmesan, cream and breadcrumbs

Baked butternut squash and sweet potatoes with sage cream
--squash and sweet potatoes
--sage brown butter and cream

Coriander/cumin/orange glazed turnips and carrots
--turnips, carrots and orange juice
--coriander, cumin and chicken stock

Braised kale, chard and lettuces with caramelized onions and balsamic
--kale, chard and grean leaf lettuce
-caramelized onions and balsamic reduction

Roasted potatoes with garlic confit and thyme
--potatoes, garlic and thyme

-cranberry sauce (made by me!)
-pumpkin and apple pies (made by Mom!)
-Village Bakery whole wheat dinner rolls

Click here to view Thanksgiving photos!

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