Friday, November 21, 2008

A Visit From Beth

Beth is moving soon, to be a lawyer in Seattle! She came down to Athens for a visit before moving out of the state. First things first, LUNCH! We went to Bagel Street Deli!

Bagel  Street Deli Athens Ohio

We both had the Sunny Hummus on an everything bagel.

After lunch, we walked around campus.

Shoes hanging above Jeff Hill.

That night, Beth, Ben and I went to Casa and enjoyed a pitcher of margaritas! And dinner, of course.

On our way home, we passed this truck that someone had Saran Wrapped. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!


The next morning, the frost on the window in the bathroom was BEAUTIFUL!! I know that it means we have crappy windows and they shouldn't get all frosty and stuff but look how pretty:

The Village Bakery has bagels now!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge. I love bagels. It was a DELICIOUS bagel, too.

Village  Bakery Athens Ohio

Mmm, and a macaroon for dessert!

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