Saturday, September 08, 2012

Fruity Cooking Club

Valerie hosted the September edition of cooking club, and look! We made drugs!!

Ha ha, just kidding! Nancy did a sciencey recipe, making  basil and mint pearls using sodium alginate  and calcium lactate. Here are Yumi and Emily helping whisk up the sodium alginate.

Nancy squeezing the mixture into the calcium lactate bath:

Summer helped!

Yumi made pickled grapes for an appetizer.

Summer made a Fall Fruit Trio! Medjool dates stuffed with toasted walnuts and gorgonzola  cream, candied cardamom apricots with mascarpone and pistachios, and chunky apple sauce with thyme syrup.

Oh, hi!

Valerie made this loaf of kalamata olive and garlic bread.


Yumi also made scallops with roasted grape sauce!

Liza helped!

Look at that sear!

Mmmm. Perfect!

We decided to pair the scallops with Summer's trio. It was a great choice!

I made butternut squash and apple soup with cider cream.

Mmm, it tasted great with a big slice of that olive garlic bread!

Emily made a pear gorgonzola tart.

And Valerie made a pork loin and some grilled salmon, both served with a heavenly cherry sauce. We enjoyed Emily's amazing tart along with the pork and fish, and some more bread of course.

I actually sat next to the bread, and snacked on it throughout the night. I couldn't STOP!

Nancy served the basil and mint pearls atop a bowl of fresh fruit! And some chilled limoncello. Fruity and refreshing!

After dinner we played the game where everyone writes a sentence, passes it to the next person, who draws a picture of the sentence, passes it along to the next person, who writes a sentence describing the drawing, and so on.


Here are a few of the resulting pages. We were dying laughing!! Obviously I don't know anything about football, I am the sentence in the middle:

Mmm, burritos and chimichangas!

This one was giving me TEARS of laughter, because I was the only one who interpreted "gas" as flatulence. Nice.

I love how everyone drew such similar cupcake villages!

Best game ever!! So much laughter. And such great food throughout the night. Hooray!

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