Friday, September 28, 2012

Honeymoon: Day Two

We started our second full day in Kona with coffee and breakfast at the hotel.

They had these race paintings in the hallway of our hotel.

Go, Ben!

After breakfast, we took a little drive to Kahalu'u Beach Park, which we heard was a great place to snorkel.

Scenic overlook!

Look at this cute little gecko!

Snorkeling at Kahalu'u Beach Park!

It was like being in an aquarium!

It was great!

There were lots of schools of these bright yellow fish.

These neon rainbow fish were AWESOME looking!

Angelfish! Oh, hi!


After snorkeling up an appetite, we walked to Ali'i drive from our hotel. We decided to check out this place called Huggo's on the Rocks.

They had a drink special called the Ginger Juju.

This drink was AMAZING. Refreshing and delicious! Cheers!!

This was definitely the best cocktail of the honeymoon.

We ordered a mezze platter to share.

We also shared fish tacos. They had chipotle aioli and mango salsa on them. They were delish!

Doing a little hula!

Looking over a wall on the walk back to our hotel.

Time for some swimming!

The hot tub was awesome. It was all rocky and prehistoric looking.

Whee! Shorts full of bubbles!

That evening, we headed down the road to check out The Strawberry Patch! We have been huge fans of Purple Chopstix in Athens for years. The owner, Ed, has a daughter who moved to Hawaii and opened a restaurant called The Strawberry Patch! We couldn't wait to taste Amelia's twist on some Purple Chopstix classics, and also find out what special things of her own she had to offer!

We got a little bit lost on the way, and pulled into a driveway. I called The Strawberry Patch to get directions, and we talked to the server. I was trying to describe where WE were, and she said, "Oh, wait!! Look up! Can you see me waving??" Ha!! We were right across the street!!

So awesome to get to go to The Strawberry Patch! The restaurant is ADORABLE.


But seriously!! So happy!

We ate on the little patio out front.

Look at how cute!! About five minutes later, I spilled a gigantic glass of red wine all over that doily. Dang!

We shared the roasted garlic and baked brie plate. It was great!! There were so many different little things to taste! It was fun to eat, and look at how pretty!

For an entree, we shared the red thai curry. YUM!!! It definitely reminded us of Purple Chopstix, but had its own special flavors too. It was cool to get a little taste of home in such a tropical paradise!

We couldn't leave without giving Amelia a unicorn pegasus!

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