Sunday, September 30, 2012

Honeymoon: Day Four

We started our first full day on Kauai with coffee on the porch.

View of the jungle!

The best thing about the jungle house is that there are two house kitties. Paco and Jimi. Paco is VERY friendly!! It made it a little easier to be away from our kitties! Paco and Ben:

Handsome Paco!

Then it was time to explore the island! We headed down the road to check out Ha'ena and Tunnels beaches.

Ha'ena beach.

My HUSBAND strolling out of the ocean!

Looking towards Tunnels beach.


Husband and wife!

The parking lot is at the base of an ENORMOUS mountain.

The lifeguard station.

Tunnels beach is an awesome place to snorkel!

Then we walked way down the coast, and just happened to see a turtle peek his head out of the water. We decided to go in and check him out! It was the BEST!! It turns out that the turtles convened in that area every day! And there were hardly any people there at all! We just got to swim around with the turtles! They were SO cool.

All of that snorkeling left us very thirsty. We headed home to enjoy a Hawaiian brew on our porch.

Then we decided to try and catch the sunset! We headed to Kilaue Lighthouse. The lighthouse was closed, but the parking lot is at at Kilaue Point National Wildlife Refuge, so we got to see some beautiful birds!

All those little white dots are birds!

Birds in the trees.

We kind of missed the sunset, but it was still pretty.

We picked up some takeout and headed home. Look at the cute little gecko on our kitchen window!

Oh, hi!

We got some Thai takeout for dinner. This night actually happened to be our dating anniversary. I suppose we'll be celebrating our wedding anniversary instead in future Septembers!

Papaya salad, spring rolls, and panang curry. It was delicious!!

We picked out this Haraszthy wine because it was cute, but it turned out to also be AMAZING. I love the label so much. Look at how cute that bear is. The little grape in his hand was metallic, and so it was SHINY! I would like to find this wine again for sure.


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