Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Date!

While Ben and I have been on many date-type outings (backyard picnics, take-outs, order-ins, fancy cooking at home, going to the movies, etc.), and plenty of dinners out with friends, we realized that we're pretty sure that we somehow or other we had never gone out to dinner just the two of us before??? In almost two years of dating!!!! We decided it was high time and headed to the Purple Chopstix for our "first date."


Delicious! We were big fans of this Layer Cake.

Our favorite soup, the Tom Yum. MORE LIKE YUM YUM.

We both got the red and yellow curries mixed.

Cheers to our first date!

Inspired by the Layer Cake wine, we got dessert.

These pictures of us eating cake are a little bit menacing, no?

We are happy to report that our first date went smashingly! WHEW!

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