Friday, July 18, 2008

Ohio Brew Week: Brew Choo Choo

All aboard! Tonight was the Brew Choo Choo! This event was huge this year, tons more people than expected showed up to ride the train. My friends and I pretty much took over one of the cars. Hey look, there's Tom!

Chris and Maia!

Me and Ben!

Oh, it's Tom again!

Yumi enjoying the scenery.

Tom and his buddy.

Toot toot!

We passed lots of beautiful scenery. An old brick kiln:


It was hot and sunny.


It was hard to walk around while the train was going, and Suzanne and I crashed into each other. Somehow I managed to get a picture during said crash:

More scenery.

Me and Dad!


Friend train. TOOT TOOT!

Since there were so many people on the train, the train ran out of beer and we went on a beer run. Have YOU ever been on a beer run in a train?????

Hi Dad!

Dad and his gang were stationed in the air-conditioned car. There's Rena and Beth!

Beth and Paul quickly became friends with my parents. They brought a whole cooler full of homebrew!

Dad, Mom, Uncle Mark and Rena's husband Robert!

Dad's hat lights up!

Look at the size of that thing!

Tom and his folks!

Tom and his folks, and Leah and her Dad.


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