Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ohio Brew Week: Brewer's Ball

Tonight was the Brewer's Ball at the Gator! A five-course gourmet meal prepared with microbrews and paired with microbrews. Vana's boyfriend Joe designed and prepared the meal! For our first beer, we had the Great Lakes Imperial Dortmunder.

And for the first course, Imperial Dortmunder poached scallops served over a creamy parmesan bacon risotto.

The next beer was the Buckeye Brewery Hippie IPA.


Vana and Summer!

The second course was vegetarian Hippie IPA onion soup topped with gruyere cheese.

Ben is loving his soup!

The third course was a watermelon salad with feta, honeydew, microgreens and toasted pistachios with a raspberry ale and basil vinaigrette.

This course was paired with Thirsty Dog Cerebus 10 Dog Ale, my favorite beer of the night. It was DELICIOUS. Also notice that now I am wearing tie-dyed prom gloves! Melody gave them to me!


A brewer from Thirsty Dog tells us all about his beer.

Dan Gates gives a speech.


For the fourth course, we had Jackie O's Porter braised boar with mixed mushrooms and mashed purple fingerling potatoes, topped with a roasted corn sour cream.

Summer and I love meat.

That course was paired with Columbus Brewing Company 90 Shilling Scottish Ale.

And for dessert, we had black velvet cake layered with Imperial Stout crème brulee, topped with java stout ice cream.

The dessert was paired with Jackie O's Black Betty, which is INCREDIBLE.

There's my little sweet tooth!

The whole meal was incredible, and it was so neat to taste all of the different beer flavors. YUM!

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