Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tonight we decided to skip all scheduled activities and just go drink some beer. Here comes Rose to meet us. Look at the OBW flags waving in the wind!

Gina pledges her allegiance.

First we went to Tony's to sample some Weasel Boy beers.

I loved the White Weasel Wheat. Wheat beers are my favorite.

Next up, we went to the Pigskin to try the Willoughby Brewing Company Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter, Belgian Moonbeam, and Strawberry Hefeweizen.

The Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter was the best by FAR and we all ordered a pint. Gina and Rose!

Ben and me!

Next we went to Courtside for the Cornerstone Brewing Company's Angry Gorilla Hefeweizen. This beer was my favorite from last year, and I couldn't wait to have it again!

After that we went to Pawpurr's to try the Erie Blu. Fruity!


Last but not least, to the CI for the Elevator Brewing Company's Hefeweizen. It was delicious!

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