Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zoombezi Bay

Today a group of us headed up to Columbus, to check out the new waterpark Zoombezi Bay. This is the forecast predicted that morning for Columbus on

So pretty much, we couldn't have picked a better day to go to a water park. Right?

Well, once we were in Columbus, it started to rain. Here we are once we set all of our towels and things down. Look at that storm rolling in. We all tried to stay positive.

Look at how wet Ben is getting! That is that last we would see of those sunglasses, he later lost them to the wave pool.

Zoombezi Bay was sold out of lockers on a RAINY DAY in the middle of summer. Isn't that ridiculous?!?!? So Snook, Summer and I walked ALL THE WAY back to our cars to put away all of our valuable possesions. We were sad.

But then we decided to get a round of Blue Moon as the next storm rolled through.

Ben and I in front of the wave pool.

Summer and I sort of got into a fight over a glass of beer.

But we quickly made up and were BFF again!

Having fun despite the weather.

Polishing off a beer.

Here I am doing the thing where you pretend to pose for a picture so that the photographer can REALLY sneak a photo of someone that is behind you. LOOK AT THAT GUY'S WIFEBEATER TAN.

LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben and Justin! Look! The sun is coming out!

Time to hit the Lazy River! Ben hops in!

Ralphie heads on in too!




We are about to go under that squirting water island.


Cute little girl.

That was the first ride we went on. It was SO SCARY. We were going to go on it again, and waited in line for half an hour and then another freaking thunderstorm rolled through and they closed the ride. Wah.

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summerro said...

This whole day was hilarious, looking at the pics years later I'm grinning from ear to ear!