Monday, July 14, 2008

Ohio Brew Week: Keg Tapping Ceremony

HOORAY! Ohio Brew Week is here! Tonight was the official keg tapping ceremony at Jackie O's. Our mayor, Paul Wiehl, declared July 14 John Sparhawk Day.

TJ and Leah!

Enter Tom!

Ray Daniels, the 2008 Ohio Brew Week Keynote Speaker.

TJ enjoying the speech.

So many delicious beers to choose from! Gina and I ordered some Wheat's Ups.

CHEERS! They were delicious!

We also got Paige a cocktail, not realizing that her husband was also buying her one at the same time!! Whoops! Guess she'll have to double fist it!

Next we headed to Skipper's, where Gina and I shared a Cloud 9 Spiced Wheat.

Tom got three little baby beers. Doesn't he look like they are his little babies and he is so proud of them like only a father could be?


Tom and Gina!

Happy Brew Week!

Me and Leah!


Don't forget to pick up your Official Souvenir Program!

It sure is hard to see TJ with that outfit on. He blends right into the background!

Unicorn pegasus!

TJ and Leah!


Day one of Ohio Brew Week was a wonderful success!

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